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Basic facts about Presov

Prešov lies in the eastern part of Slovakia, it´s the regional centre of this part of the country, historically nown as Šariš. It is situated relatively close to Polish and Ukrainian borders. Torysa and Sekčov are two rivers which flow through the town. Prešov was built in the valley of Šariš hills close to Slánske mountains, approximately 250 metres above the sea level.

Coat of arms

The fisrt coat of arms was given to Prešov by king Ladislav back in 1453. According to the tradition, three rose flowers are situated there, though somewhere it is staded these are strawberry flowers. Legend sais that in the past remarkable number of strawberries were in the town´s surroundings. That´s why historical name of the town Eperjes can be evaluated from Hungarian eper, meaning strawberry. Nevertheless, this theory was never proved to be true.


Read the honest review of before you decide it as scam or legit dating site. By car: D1 highway from Bratislava which is still being built, goes straight through Prešov, further to the south, to Košice
By plane: airport Košice, app. 40 km far, regular connections with Bratislava, Poprad, Prague, Wien
By train: the main railway net avoids Prešov, it is necessary to transfer in the station Kysak, app. 20 km far, all IC and Express trains from Bratislava, Prague, Krakow and Budapest stop here
By bus: straight long – distance buses from Bratislava and Košice; straight connections with many European cities: London, Munich, Prague, Copenhagen, Brussels; more connections to the cities in the whole Europe through connections from Košice


Average temperature in Prešov is 8,5°C. Typical midlands climate – beautiful summers, sometimes with temperatures higher than 32°C (July is the warmest month with average temperature 19,5°C), snowy winters with average temperatures – 3,5°C

Church St.John's

The main street - square


Church st. Nicolas