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Day trips from Presov

Opal mines
30 km from Prešov, between the villages Červenica and Zlatá baňa are absolutely unique opal mines. Harlekyn, the world´s biggest opal was found here at the end of the 18. century, today it can be found in Wien. It´s measures are amazing: 13 x 7 x 7 cm, it has 2970 carats. Even Queen Elisabeth the II. has one of the Prešov´s opals in her crown. Mines are opened for public. It is supposed that visitor will not suffer from claustrophobia and will not be afraid of bats. After the mines were closed in 1922, they were proclaimed the biggest winter place of bats in Slovakia, more than 4000 of them meet here every winter. Net of corridors is long approximately 22 km, you can walk through the old discovery sites and those the most courageous visitors can have a look under the water in the flowned part of the mine Viliam. Even today it´s possible to find small opal pieces here.

Cave Bad Hole
The only cave opened for public in the Prešov´s region. Legend sais that it got its name when people didn´t even know there is some cave at all. In former times there were meadows on this place and it had happened from time to time that animal which got lost from the herd, unfortunately fell down to it. That´s why sheperds began to call this place Bad hole. It´s approximately 20 km from Prešov, in Poprad direction, turn right from the highway before the Branisko tunnel. This trip belongs to those more adventurous because the cave is not electrically illuminated, that´s why you get the carbid light and helmet before the entrance. It is necessary to dress warmly, inside is only 7°C. The rout offers two possibilities, easier for people from 5 – 90 years and longer and harder for more adventurous visitors. It´s opened during the whole year. In the season June – August daily from 8,30 – 19,00, during the rest of the year it´s necessary to arrange the trip in advance on the numbers +421 905 237 565 or +421 907 967 316 .

Petöfi´s beech
Approximately 7 km from Prešov is park Cemjata, suitable for calm, easy walks during the whole year. On one of the stops you can find Petöfi´s beech, under which this famous poet was supposed to write several poems during his stay in Prešov. His name is engraved in the tree.

Altar stone
From the skiing relax area Drienica, which is app. 25 km from Prešov, in Stará Ľubovňa direction, turn right at the end of the town Sabinov, you can follow the blue touristic route to Lysá hill. You will get to little church called Altar stone. It was built on the place of former cave. During the Turkish raids, people from the whole region were coming here to hide – from Bardejov, Prešov and Sabinov. Very impressive masses in beautiful natural surroundings are hold in the church from time to time. The whole area is touristically interesting. It offers nice walks during the summer and wonderful skiing opportunities in winter.

Šariš castle
One of the biggest castles in Slovakia stands approximately 6 km from Prešov, in Sabinov direction, on the hill upon the little town Veľký Šariš. It is supposed that the castle was built in the 12. century as a seat of the head of a county. It was rebuilt several times, from wooden fortification to huge castle. His power grew even more after the Tatar invasion in the 17. century. It became a perfect military fortress with 14 bastions for 200 soldiers. It often changed the owners. At the end of the 17. century, Polish king Ján Sobieski burnt it and since then it´d become desolated. But his ruins are impressive even today, they are freely opened for public. Asphalt road leads to the castle, though not suitable for a car.

Kapušiansky castle
Clearly visible castle from the main road leading in Vranov / Bardejov direction, approximately 5 km from Prešov, on the hill upon the village Kapušany. Originaly it served as a defence seat of the borders in the 13. century, lately in the 15. century it was used as a military prison. The commander of Rákoczi´s army let it exploded and since then it was not used. Although original owners rebuilt it, in the 18. century it was demolished. Nevertheless, the ruins are in good state, including the entrance area, gates and bastion. You can get there following the touristic route.

Brigands´ castle
Somewhere it is possible to find it under the name Salt castle. It is approximately 6 km from Prešov upon the village Ruská nová Ves. This castle had many legends, it was built to defend the salt mines and from the three Prešov´s castles, this one is the oldest. There were neverending fights for this castle because it had perfect strategic position. It´s not in such good conditions as Šariš or Kapušiansky castle, but still it belongs to one of the most favourite trip tips. After 30 minutes walk in the forrest you´ll come to one of the most beautiful views in the surroundings. You have to be very careful, because the castle was built just on the edge of the hill which ends steeply approximately 200 metres above the gound. Steep rock is used by the mountaineers as a training wall. It´s the only caslte from which two others are possible to see.

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