Hotels In Manchester

The Mamucium Restaurant & Bar is a hotel in manchester strategically located at the Bohemian Northern Quarter entrance. The hotel offers greatly curated meals and menus that are specially crafted to meet your dining needs. Led by the Head chef, the team can customise the meals to meet special needs for all your special occasions. Mamucium prides itself in having uniquely crafted meals for a wide variety of occasions.

What is on the menu?

The restaurant menu is divided into vegetarian cuisines, the afternoon tea menu, lunch menu, tasting menu, Aperitivo Menu, Sunday Roasts at Mamucium, Statuto Set Menu, the main menu, Tuesday -Steak at the Mamucium and the Afternoon Tea Menu. Examples of dishes in different menus include the Vegan platter, the traditional Mamucium Sunday Lunch or the traditional Mamucium Sunday Classic, Sweet Potato & Chickpea Curry Wild Mushroom Arancini Spicy Vegan Fritters with Mango & Lime Salsa Fried Polenta, Tossed Oyster Mushrooms and Sumac, The manchester Smokehouse Salmon Eggs Royal, Manchester smoked salmon on American pumpernickel with cream cheese, scrambled eggs with truffle oil and chives on freshly baked sourdough, Grilled Artichoke, locally made mini Lancashire oven bottom muffin with tea, Creamy Lancashire Bomb & Sweet Pickle Finger Sandwich and many more.

But why should people visit the hotel?

The Mamucium bar and restaurant serves a wide variety of dishes to cater to the tastes and preferences of different individuals. The dishes are prepared with great expertise and high quality locally sourced ingredients to enhance the quality and taste of the food. In addition, the Head Chef introduces interesting twists to the recipes to ensure a unique dining experience.

The bar and restaurant is open throughout and therefore, your family can visit at any time of the day for an exceptional dining experience. Whether you are travelling into Manchester at weird hours of the day, or are just looking for somewhere to take your family for a great meal, The Mamucium is the place to be.

The restaurant and bar décor and setting gives clients a dynamic yet comfortable and charismatic environment to explore the dishes offered. Besides this, the restaurant makes great use of the Manchester heritage and culture in its décor and setting. This interesting combination is in itself, unique and captivating and therefore, a great reason to visit the restaurant.

If you are looking for a place to have a quiet meal with a loved one on a special occasion, a catch up with great friends and family after a long separation, or a place for a quick coffee date, the Mamucium is ideal for you. Besides this, its strategic location makes it easy to access at any time, any season.

The staff members are all highly trained and experienced to enhance your dining experience. They are also helpful, courteous and well versed with the variety of dishes available and the best way to serve different meals such that you only get the best service.

As highlighted above, there are a variety of reasons to visit the Mamucium Restaurant and Bar while in Manchester.